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5 Awesome SEO Tips for Your Travel Website

SEO Tips That Can Make A Difference

The search engines are constantly in the process of improving their algorithms with the goal of providing only relevant high quality search results. Great content has always been important, but with the latest changes the focus on content has been prioritized.


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Great Content Equals Great SEO

If you want your travel website to feature at the top of the search results, you need to publish original, unique and high quality content on a regular basis. The keywords that you use in your content should relate to the topic of the content. Keyword stuffing and badly written content that is published for SEO purposes only will be penalized. The search engines are looking for fresh content that has been written for people and not machines. If you provide your visitors with great content, the popularity of your website and the engagement from your visitors will improve significantly.

SEO Tips To Take SeriouslySlow Loading Pages Chase Customers Away

When optimizing your website one of the most crucial SEO tipis to focus on the load speed of your website pages. Not only will customers lose interest and leave your site, the search engines will also penalize your website. The current focus is on the complete customer experience and if you want your site to do well, you need to ensure that your website visitors are able to fully enjoy the experience of visiting your site.


Keep Your Travel Website Error Free

New content is regularly added to your website and you may also have changed the design or added new pages. It is critical that you check that your website is error free to ensure that the search engines spiders are able to crawl it efficiently. Resolve internal redirect issues, fix broken links and update the sitemap regularly. An error free website will improve the experience of visitors to your site and thereby improve customer interaction.


Focus on International SEO

The domain name that you use for your website can have a far reaching impact on the success of your site. Make sure that it is easy to remember, can easily translate into various languages and that it is relevant to the information on your site. Incorporate correctly translated content for specific regions and ensure that localized content is optimized for maximum value.

Research and Analysis

Continuous research and the analysis of data are key performance areas of any successful website. It is important that you know what your competitors are up to, any changes in the search engine industry, how your website is performing, what your visitors are doing on your site, where the visitors are coming from and the popularity of the content on your site.

Customer interaction and social media activity on your website can provide you with crucial information. Regular analysis of data will assist you with making educated decisions and will help you to continually improve your travel website.

Successful websites continuously look at ways to improve and they keep abreast of changes within the SEO environment. The focus has moved to the overall experience of visitors to your site and you can expect even more attention to this aspect in future. The customer experienced is measured through the interaction of customers on your site, volume of high quality, unique content published, social media activity, ease of use, load speed of pages and the number of errors on the site.

Content published on your site should be of a high quality, frequently updated and relevant to the overall topic of your website. The travel industry has seen an increase in the online use of travel websites, and more customers are starting to use the internet for their travel bookings. Do not get left behind! Use these SEO tips to help keep you ahead of the competition.
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Top Reasons Why Travel SEO is Vital for Your Travel Website

Hire a Reputable Travel SEO Specialist

Travel SEO Blog

Every website and blog aims to reach as many people as possible within their target market , therefore travel search engine marketing is essential. One of the most valuable sources of visitors on the web is the various search engines, with Google currently in at the top. More than 3 billion searches are conducted daily and sites that position themselves effectively, with keywords and phrases that feature in the top search engine ranking positions, receive lots of high quality visitors within their target market.

Without the implementation of effective SEO processes, sites are not able to position themselves for top search engine rankings. The online travel industry is huge, the competition fierce and the need for an effective travel SEO company such as TSM530 is critical to the success of your online travel business. If you want your travel website to be popular and successful, you need to invest time and money on the travel SEO of your site. Let us have a look at the 6 top reasons why SEO is important to your travel website.

Increased Visibility

Sites that are optimized for search engines feature higher in the search engine rankings and therefore are able to reach more people. Higher search rankings for your keywords and key phrases improve the visibility of your website and make it easier for people to find your site. Improved visibility leads to more visitors and an increase in customer interaction.

Quality Content Equals Quality SEO

There is a misconception that content written for travel SEO purposes need to be keyword filled junk. The reality is that the search engines are constantly refining their processes in order to deliver higher quality content to their customers. Great content written after the proper keyword research will always be rated highly. It is important to write for people and not for machines and to engage your visitors with content that is interesting, useful and well written.

More Than 70 Percent of Travelers use The Internet to Book Holidays

The big trend over the last decade is towards the increased use of the internet as a travel booking agent. Customers are using the internet to find destinations, compare pricing and to book flights and accommodation. Travel companies that do not focus on online sales, visibility and travel SEO are finding themselves in a bit of bother due to declining sales. If you want to succeed you need to take the fight to your competitors and improve your online profile.

Improved Customer Engagement

Sites that are optimized for search engines tend to score higher on customer engagement metrics such as time on site, pages per visit and bounce rates. As a result, social media engagement and customer interaction increases, thereby further improving the visibility of the site.

User Friendly Sites Mean Low Bounce Rates

Travel SEO helps to improve the navigation on sites and, if done correctly, will result in user friendly websites. During the search engine optimization process issues such as website design flaws, slow loading speeds, ineffective content and navigation defects are highlighted. When the issues are fixed, it significantly enhances the customer experience.

Repeat Visitors

Travel websites that have been optimized for search engines normally focus on the regular addition of new and original high quality content. Customers are inclined to revisit websites or blogs that publish new, original and high quality content on a regular basis. When you optimize your site for the search engines by publishing great content regularly, you will be able to notably improve the number of repeat visitors to your site.

Organic traffic generated through search results is highly targeted traffic, and very important to the success of your travel website. SEO impacts on almost every part of your online presence and it would be foolish not to ensure that your site is optimized for the search engines.

If you want your travel website or blog to succeed, it is crucial that you optimize your website or blog for the search engines appropriately, and that your focus is on reaching as many people as possible within your target market. It is important to bear in mind that your competitors are investing a lot of time and money on effective search engine optimization, and that your site will not be able to compete with your main competitors if you do not follow suit.




Travel Blogging For Your Online Travel Business

 What Is Travel Blogging?

Do you own an online travel business and interested in setting up a travel blog? Whatever your circumstances, if you wish to discover a great way to generate even more targeted traffic, then travel blogging is an excellent alternative for your online travel business.

Blogging is writing about what interests you, and if its travel, and you own an online travel business, then you are onto a winner. If you are passionate about travel yourreaders will certainly want to hear exactly what you have to say about it, and if you're enthusiastic, it could rub off on them.

How Plagerism Can Effect Travel Blogging

Never ever copy anything you haven't written onto your travel blogging sites, as you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Plagiarism on your travel blog could result in it getting penalized; then how will your target audience find you?

Post content that will spark interest with your readers. Instead of blogging about your daily life, provide travel tips and tricks or travel suggestions based on your personal experiences. Your readers will certainly appreciate travel blogging tips, so they can apply them to their own situations.

Social Media and Travel Blogging

Utilize a Twitter feed in order to increase the interest of your latest posts, and syndicate them on other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +. Being a real person on the social media platforms, where you interact with your audience, will keep them coming back for more; especially if you help them with whatever they are looking for.

Pay attention to your grammar, this is very important if you wish to become an International travel blog writer. If your grammar is not up to scratch, and you are using incorrect terminology, a lot of people will get frustrated, and stop reading your blogs. There are numerous software programs you can use to run a grammar check; it's advisable to do this with every post.

Be patient, bearing in mind that a brand new travel blog won't become popular over night. It takes time and effort to gain popularity, so make sure your travel blog content is interesting, engaging and up to date.

Organic Link Building To Enhance Your Travel Blog

Organic link building is a great way to attract traffic to your travel blog. In order to produce enough quality links you have to submit your travel blog to web directories such as DMOZ, Aviva and other blog site directories. Also, each time you post a blog onto one of the social media platforms, it will provide a high authority back link, and if people like what they read, they are highly likely to share and like; adding more popularity.

Making Money Through Travel Blogging

In order to run profitable travel blog, you need to find out the best ways to sell to your readers. Knowing how to market and sell in your products and services through your travel blog is the only way to maximize your chances of generating an income. Check out tips and trick that other travel bloggers are using, and apply them in your own situation so your earning potential will increase.

When blogging, make use of a font style that stands out from the crowd, and is easy to read. When a potential client visits your travel blog, you have to get his/her attention, so make sure they can read and understand what you have on offer and make sure it's interesting. Include images, videos and content that will appeal to the readers and keeps them engaged; if they like what they see and read, they will come back for more.

Free images and videos can easily be found online, or alternatively, you can add your own. Visual interest is very important due to the fact that if a blog does not display relevant material, potential clients will not stick around for long. So, brighten your travel blog with attractive images and videos that are relevant to content.

Ensure that longer blog posts are divided into short paragraphs, or even split them up to create multiple posts. Readers will not be interested is reading long drawn out blog posts; so keep your travel blogs, quick, interesting, visually appealing and to the point.

Now that you have a greater understanding of travel blogging and how can help develop an audience for your travel business, what's keeping you?


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BuzzBundle – A Total Social Media Management Solution

This is a review of one of SEO Powersuite more recent social media tools; it helps save a lot of time, and I like it a lot; make of it what you will?

BuzzBundle – The Most Advanced Social Media Management Platform?

Looking for a tool that can help automate you social media management and take it to the next level? BuzzBundle is a force to be reckoned with! The software perfectly handles all aspects of social media marketing (SMM) and lets you run your social media campaigns in the easiest and most effective way.

From its  easy to use interface you can:

  • monitor your brand popularity;
  • monitor the results and metrics from your SMM campaigns;
  • shape a robust online reputation of your brand;
  • analyze the competitive landscape of your target niche;
  • manage numerous social media accounts under one one convenient interface;
  • create personas for all people and companies you represent;
  • schedule posts, messages and announcements;
  • and a lot more!

Monitor Your Social Media Popularity

BuzzBundle lets you monitor your social media performance and manage online reputation for your website or brand. The tool supports the largest coverage of social media sites and lets you monitor your brand online popularity on:

  • forums
  • blogs
  • Q & A sites
  • social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, etc)
  • video sites (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • review sites (Tripadviser, Yelp)

With this amazing tool you can engage into any conversation, leave comments, like, share other posts and manage all your social correspondence in one convenient workspace.

Generate Buzz Under Different Personas

Using BuzzBundle you can manage an unlimited number of Personas with dozens of social media accounts, and easily access them under one conveniently organized environment. You can create new social media profiles for your campaigns, or use the existing ones.

Manage Up To 10 SMM Campaigns Per Project

BuzzBundle allows you to create up to 10 keyword groups for your campaigns and monitor how each campaign is progressing. You can see how many references each keyword has got, how many references are coming in from forums, blogs or social networks.

Track Competitors’ Mentions

The state of the art software application allows you keep a close eye on your competitors’ activities on forums, blogs, numerous social media sites and whatever else. Knowing what your competitors are doing, will put you a few steps ahead of the game!

Additional Features:


Just set the time for posting your messages and the software will do that for you. You can can create a scheduled task for collecting social buzz and uploading incoming messages.


You don’t need to leave BuzzBundle to view people’s profiles or fill out forms with custom fields. You can open any page you need with its built-in browser.

Social Media Planner

With BuzzBundle you can keep track of your social media efforts. All your recent social activities are put together on one list, so you can see exactly what activity has had the best effect on your website/brand promotion.

In addition, the software offers you great customization options. You can:

  • unclutter the work area to display only the streams and dialogues you need;
  • filter streams using various parameters;
  • highlight the most important dialogues;
  • remove unneeded dialogues and more!


If you are looking for all-in one SMM solution, you won’t go far wrong with BuzzBundle.

Click here to download your copy, or alternatively if you have any comments or experiences yourself, then kindly drop us a line?

Travel Website Design, The Do’s and Dont’s

As a practicing (amateur )travel website developer, I can say that learning as much as I could from a travel website design company I knew, was how I got started.would study their travel websites sites, looked into their code, as well as borrowed from some of their designs. Today, however there is lots of information offered to assist you in the website development game, and this post is a great place to start learning.

Do not make use of  Flash pages for your travel website unless needed by law, and particularly don’t use a Flash intro. Lots of people simply want to get to your material as rapidly as possible, and don’t care to look at useless splash pages. If you have some amusing material that you definitely want site visitors to see, incorporate it into the homepage instead.

Don’t disable the visitor’s right-click functionality. Some travel websites do this in order to avoid people from copying and pasting their text or saving images from their sites. Things is, it does not work and disables other beneficial functions. OCR can be used to catch text from such sites, and getting images is as basic as taking a screenshot.


Constantly ensure you are providing significant feedback, as this is exactly what creates the communication between a travel website and its visitors. As an example, if an action taken by a site visitor results in a mistake, do not just show “error took place”instead, provide a message that discusses what happened and how the site visitor can remedy the mistake by taking a various action. Without this feedback, visitors are more likely to grow aggravated and just give up by leaving your website.


Maintain user details so that individuals don’t need to squander important time re-typing information into types. For instance, if someone fills out a form using individual info, he or she must wont want to have to type it in again.


To assist youinattracting more professional visitors to your site, ensure you develop yourtravel website without any spelling mistakes. When creating the website, use a spell checker and if have to, a grammar checker. If you have atravel website with poor spelling and grammar, people will not want to do business with you, because they will believe it is unprofessional.


Using Content Management Systems in Travel Website Design

Develop your travel website utilizing a content management system. Understanding ways to build a website using just HTML and CSS provides a good foundation, however this can just produce a static website. Web design has advanced into providing dynamic material. If you couple your coding abilities with using a content management system, you can develop almost any type of website that you want.

Write Compelling Content

Make your content convincing. Don’t assume just because your design looks good that this is all you need, site visitors will not return if there is no content worth reading. You wouldn’t go onto any of the social media site and start spouting off rubbish right? So don’t consider jeapordizing the future of your travel website for the sake of bad content.


Try to acquire genuine consumer testimonials. Extremely few want to be the very first to try a services or product, so let consumers know that others have purchased your products and services,and are happy to rcommend you. Try asking customers that have actually done business with you, to produce a short paragraph about their experience with your company, to put on your website.


Proofread everything so it looks nice. People ought to be able to read through the content quickly and understand the message you are trying to convey. Mistakes on atravel website can really hinder the user experience, and itcould harm your reputation.


Stay innovative and forward-thinking when you create your travel website! Develop your own features and utilize what you see on other websites as a base for your ideas. Executing this methodology will help you to creating an awesome site.


Get feedback from your website’s target audience and ask what interests them about a particular website. This will help with your design and customize a website to their specific needs.
Understand that when you first start out that it’s going to take time for your website to end up being popular. The idea is to build up as much traffic to the site as possible; however this takes time and a lot of SEO work.


Avoid Overpowering Sales Pitches

Try not to be too ‘spammy’ with your sales pitches; studies show that users are likely to leave a website the instant they pick up the hardcore “salesperson” vibe.


So next time you want to sell an item, keep in mind that the prospective consumer might view you as a predator and run!

Now that I’ve been in travel website design for many years, I feel that I can offer some guidance, use the suggestions in this post, continue discovering as much as you can, and stay on top of trends to guarantee your travel websites stick out in the crowd. If I can do it, anyone can!


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An Insight Into Travel Social Media Marketing

The is a brief guide on how I understand travel social media sites, so please let me have your comments, or better still contribute some articles of your own.

The power and possibilities offered through newer travel social media friendly platforms have yet to be totally acknowledged. Travel industry social media is quickly replacing older techniques as the simplest and most preferred option for reaching a core audience and generating traffic. No other types of marketing plans provide the variety or interactive possibilities. The following overview will provide some understanding into the basics of travel social media and help you discover your very own two feet in this ever evolving industry.

Travel Blogging

Constantly post to your travel blogs, when your material is fresh and readers understand when to expect brand-new topics, they will return frequently to check out the new content. You can see this in magazine and paper subscriptions. Be sure to publish to your travel blog regularly, so that your potential clients will return to your website.


Using Twitter As Part Of You Travel Social Media Campaigns

If you're on Twitter, try creating different and rich material for your travel social media marketing. Send Tweets which contain tips and suggestions that associate with your travel brand and the problems they intend to fix for your customers. If you incorporate this type of tweet with other forms of online promotion, those who follow you are likely to hang around. Become a travel twitter and make sure you make a regular travel social media tweet.


One means to broaden the visibility of your travel business is to include a share link for Facebook on your site. Site visitors can then quickly share it with their own Facebook friends. This will increase the variety of visitors to you travel blog, which must in turn could increase sales.

Give the travel social media followers special and unique offers. The trick is to provide something exclusive that they won't find on your maintravel website. Offer unique products through contests. If this is not up your street, offer a special offer if they decide to follow you. You can make crucial announcements about your company on social media websites as well.

When individuals comment on your website or ask questions, make sure you respond immediately and expertly. Remarks can get lost in the shuffle, so make a habit of specifically searching for brand-new comments whenever you check your feed.

Have specials on your site to increase the temptation for your customers to continue with travel social networking. When individuals see deals or promos on Facebook they will wish to get the word out about what yourtravel social media sites has to offer.

Sharing Your Travel Blogs As Part Of Your Travel Social Networking

Connect your blog to Linkedin by putting a share button at the top of the page. Because of its nature, Linkedin has users who are generally people with influence who have higher incomes, implying plenty of possible customers with money to invest on your services and products. With more than 100 million people using Linkedin, it is a terrific opportunity using social media to market your business without investing a dime.

Be ready to make errors in your social media marketing. Errors happen, and you have to view the mistakes you make as finding out experiences. There could be a post that angers some niche group, or a typo that sheds an unfavorable light on your company. Manage the mistakes expertly and quickly and pick up from them.

See to it all your posts and short articles have a Facebook button at the top. This button makes it simple for your readers to share your material on Facebook. Many people will not want to share your material on Facebook if they need to go through copying and pasting a link.

Consider outsourcing when starting a social media marketing project. There are a number of highly certified and experienced sources that you can make use of to enhance your social media marketing outcomes. It might cost more than doing it yourself, however the prospective increase in business due to their experience in social media marketing will likely be worth it.


Prior to starting a social media marketing project you should consider buying guides to lead you in the best direction. A guide includes information about the leading social media sites. It will provide you all that you have to know from the fundamentals of establishing a page to methods to increasing traffic.

Travel social media management

Ensure you publish brand-new photos frequently on Facebook or Twitter. Your pals and fans probably have a great deal of content appear in their feeds, and they will be most likely to observe an image as opposed to a text. You might really quickly develop various picture galleries for your items.

To help you maximize your social media marketing project, guarantee your always uploading fresh and exciting material. Social media users inspect their profiles really frequently and will have an appetite for new content if it is intriguing and relevant to them. By astounding these possible consumers, you can enhance your sales significantly.



While social media marketing might be fairly new, there're still plenty of competitions in all fields. This implies you need to concentrate on quality over amount and make use of the above advice to develop a special strategy. When social media marketing is utilized properly, it can be responsible for constructing an entire empire in a short time period.



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